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ROGER has transformed me over the summer. I started my journey with a stubborn mid-section that I had spent many months in the gym aimlessly trying to rid and wanting to be able to do at least one push-up. Roger revived my inner strength with varied sessions, pushed me without me even knowing and educated me with sets that I could take away to do where ever I was, even on holiday. As a previous beige food eater Roger has also refined my diet by suggesting a number of vegetarian authors which has only enhanced the results I have achieved. It isn’t just about the numbers (4.5cm from my waist and 3cm from my hips) but Roger has set me up to continue embarking on my journey to being strong! P.S. I’m in double digits on the push up front. Thank you, Roger, I'm looking forward to the next block of sessions and seeing what you can push me to achieve - Louise

THIS TIME six months ago, I would never have dreamed I’d be running half marathons, a 10km and, frankly, running at all. Roger has gently but firmly transformed my fitness level and my shape, but mostly my attitude. When I started personal training with Roger, I could barely run around the park and hated everything to do with running. Now, I love running, training, and trying out different exercise classes. Exercise has become part of my lifestyle, not something I dread or do just to lose a bit of weight. Through Roger’s training plans I have lots several stone, lots of inches and even more cynicism about those people that love exercise – because now I am one! - Samira

Roger's training sessions are challenging but with a good dose of chat to go with them to make the time fly by. The sessions push me beyond the classes I go to so there is regular progress to the next level and always with a focus on technique. It's nice to have a dedicated studio space to train in too. He is also a great source of local knowledge and can connect clients to other specialists along the way if it will help them meet their goals - Diane

I always felt strengthened and empowered by Roger’s style of training but never babied or bullied
— Matt

I started training with Roger in preparation for the 2014 Etape du Tour bike race in the French alps. Living in London, it’s difficult to replicate the impact of long hill climbs on the legs. A tailored programme allowed me to focus on  preparation for a gruelling seven-hour ride in the Alps. I’ve continued training with Roger ever since. As someone who works abroad regularly, Roger is flexible to cater to my training needs; offering both indoor gym sessions and outdoor strength and agility routines - Simon

I’ve watched my body change and grow to the point that know that, at this point, I feel the best I ever have. Roger trains in a manner that is pressure-free and enjoyable. He works with you to help you progress in any form of fitness you desire - Joseph

Since training with Roger, I’ve run four marathons, lost weight, gained muscle and had a lot of fun! He is a dedicated trainer, knowing how far to push your limit without going too far, and is very client-focused, ensuring you train in a way that suits you - Nick

Thanks, Roger. I thank my ma for the hair and the eyes and you for the figure. Without you I am just another curly haired girl who likes cake - Kelly

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‘Roger makes the sessions hard work but fun and I enjoyed every minute‘


I’ve been working out with Roger about five years. Every session’s fun, every session’s different, and now I’m fit as a butcher’s dog. Roger’s 90% encouragement, 5% gossip and 5% steely let’s-do-this. Treat yourself - Michael

I have been training with Roger in London Fields (together with baby and dog in tow). I can honestly say I look forward to every session and absolutely hate it when I have to miss one. I lost 10 kilos and, more importantly, I am on my way to getting my fitness back thanks to training and encouragement from Roger. He knows his stuff and pushes you hard, but with a lot of patience and laughs. He has been great at working around existing injuries, so I can keep training safely - Natasha

Roger has been my personal trainer for the last year and a half. He created training plans which were based on my individual needs. He has been very encouraging throughout my time with him. I always felt strengthened and empowered by Roger’s style of training but never babied or bullied. He helped me with nutrition and the type of exercises that would suit my lifestyle. We worked through common myths and worked up a training plan which both helped me achieve my goals and set new ones. I would definitely recommend Roger to anyone who is looking for a PT, his style is relaxed and informal but serious when it comes to getting you your results. I really couldn’t recommend him highly enough! - Matt

Having suffered with lower back problems for years, I finally tried fitness to help relieve the regular discomfort and pain. Training with Roger has been fun, hard work and very rewarding. I have been fit and healthy for years now, and bad backs are a distant memory. Best of all, Roger is continually learning new skills and techniques, and he always brings variety and a new challenge to his session - Jim

I have also always come away from our sessions with a clearer and more positive outlook

I would highly recommend Roger as a personal trainer for all levels of fitness. I recently completed a group of training sessions with him as I wanted to get fit again after illness. Over the ten weeks of sessions with him, I saw my strength, fitness and confidence grow in leaps and bounds. Roger listens to what you actually want to achieve and pushes you without adopting a sergeant major-type of approach. He makes the sessions hard work but fun and I enjoyed every minute - Becky

Working with Roger has been brilliant. No fuss, relaxed and fun way to train – we love it and look forward to every week - Gautam and Sarah

I went from a fat couch potato to someone who can now actually get up and go for a run on my own. Roger gives just the right level of encouragement and forces you to push yourself, beyond what you think you can do without resorting to fake sergeant major behaviour. He has a great studio, in a lovely location which is very convenient for London Fields - Chris

I’ve been training with Roger for nearly six months now. I never thought I’d say this, but I actually look forward to the training sessions. Every week is different; we try new exercises and games, but boxing is the best. Give it a few weeks and you’ll soon notice your progress. Roger’s trick is to gradually push you gently beyond your comfort zone. But he does it in a professional but fun way; a very good trainer indeed - Stephen

He knows his stuff and pushes you hard, but with a lot of patience and laughs
— Natasha

I trained twice a week with Roger over 18 months, which only came to an end due to us relocating away from Hackney. Over that time, I found Roger to be an enthusiastic, motivating and positive personal trainer – he knew when to push me harder, but also knew when to ease back; he was hugely reliable, always on time and ever upbeat and ready to get into the training, no matter how early the hour or how rainy it was outside. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Roger to any of my friends or colleagues - Gareth

Massive thanks for all your advice, tips and continued support through my training, Roger. Not only have I smashed a lifetime goal of completing my first marathon with our fitness and strength training, I have also always come away from our sessions with a clearer and more positive outlook. Thanks for being a friendly face, and getting me fitter and leaner and for being an all-round breath of fresh air - Lucy

Roger first became my personal trainer when I was training to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and he has helped me, from zero fitness level, to grow tremendously in terms of both strength and stamina. He is an excellent motivator and is able to suit the training programme to my current situation/stamina level, which I feel is a great, personalised aspect of his programme. Roger has definitely been a key factor in me getting back on track with being healthy and active - Stephanie

Roger is my Marmite: I hate getting out of bed at 6am but love every single one of my sessions with him. The secret to Roger’s success is that he is not only incredibly knowledgable and passionate about what he does, but that he genuinely cares and invests time getting to know you. Each session is tailor-made for my mood: always new, always challenging and always invigorating – yet not overwhelming. Roger is an amazing personal trainer and now a dear friend whose fantastic company, sense of humour and professional approach will be sure to continue getting me up at stupid o’clock throughout the winter months - Soraya

Since training with Roger, I’ve run four marathons, lost weight, gained muscle and had a lot of fun

Roger is an excellent personal trainer. I worked with him for about a year when we were practically neighbours. I had sessions in Victoria Park and in his studio. I had brilliant results from my weekly work out – all my friends commented on the changes in my body. Now I’ve moved to the other side of London, it’s too far to meet but, boy, do I miss his sessions! Not only did I lose weight and tone up, but had a great positivity each week after meeting him. Whilst he takes the exercise seriously we also had a real laugh together which made doing hideous burpees much easier! - Gemma

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